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Creating Confident, Empowered Teens and Young Adults Everyday

Impacting Lives One Session at a Time

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Hello and Welcome

Have You Thought to Yourself...

 "I'm worried about my teen, my teen seems sad, depressed and spends a lot of time alone in the room"? Has your teen said to you, "I feel overwhelmed and anxious", or you've noticed changes in their behaviors that concern you? 

I'm Here to Help!

Welcome to LTYArt where we offer support, guidance and encouragement for young people dealing with stress, anxiety, behavioral issues,

social isolation, moodiness and other common struggles teens face.

At LTYArt we approach therapy differently than what you may expect or are use to.

We use Art and the Creative process to help tweens, teens and young adults

get to the root of the issue quickly and effectively.

By creating a safe space where teens to feel comfortable, not judged,

can express themselves and feel empowered,

without all the extra talking

that comes with traditional therapy

and lets be honest, most teens don't respond well to it anyways! 

Our goals are to help reduce stress, resolve conflicts,

improve coping skills, increase self-control,

improve confidence, self-esteem,

create stronger family bonds,

and improve how they handle emotions. 

Got a teen that hates therapy but you know they need it? I've got you! Shy, stubborn, out of control...bring 'em on!

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What We Offer

Since 2010, I have provided teens throughout Florida a wide range of art therapy and counseling services to suit their needs.

Whether you’re an individual or a family looking for help - my therapy sessions are designed to strengthen your confidence and assist with noticeable change.

Take a look at the services offered and

schedule a consultation today!

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833 22nd Street South, St. Petersburg, FL

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Kind Words from Clients

Used with permission, names omitted due to confidentiality.

Resting After Workout

Your service provides a safe and helpful environment. I feel comfortable and I feel more like I'm having a helpful conversation rather than feeling like I'm being "fixed". I chose to continue with your services because I have been experiencing positive changes and ways of thinking since attending these sessions.

21 Yr Old Female

Kind Words From the Community 

Very professional. Achieves great rapport with the kids. The art projects are directly related to the topics being covered. A refreshingly creative approach to engaging the kids while addressing issues. I definitely recommend anyone to allow her the opportunity to work with their children.

A. Early / TASCO Teen Programs

Listen to Your Art Therapy incorporates your love of art with counseling techniques in a way that is seamless, insightful and very rewarding. Jasmine is kind, intuitive and very knowledgeable about many mental health issues and techniques. Do not hesitate to contact her for services, you can't go wrong here!

L. King / Therapist

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