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Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower young people to freely, openly, and creatively express themselves in a safe and judgement free environment; to explore who they are, learn healthy coping skills and be able to manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, while navigating their life's journey. 

Our Values

The Core Values that shape our Company are:

Authenticity- We encourage and support just being a human, within ourselves and our clients we serve. We put relationship and community at the top of our priority list, and we create an environment where our clients feel safe and comfortable to be their self. We validate our clients, so they always feel seen and heard. 

Family- We know the importance of family and we believe in helping to bridge the gap between child and parent/guardian. No two families are alike, so we focus on meeting everyone where they are and helping them to get where they desire to be. 

Results- From the start of our services we are focused on the end. We focus on building self-sufficiency, empowerment and self-management in our clients because we never want anyone to become completely reliant upon us. We want all our clients to feel capable of managing their own lives and look forward to the day when they can confidently say, "I no longer need therapy because I got this!"

Safety- We value safety because we know in order for our clients to do the hard work and to travel their journey of healing and growth, there absolutely must be the feeling of safety. We focus on creating an environment where our clients trust us, are confident in us and feel completely safe with us. We always put the needs of our clients first because we know it's what creates that feeling of, "I'm safe here."

Empowerment- Often times, our teens don't feel confident or sure of themselves, and we know how impactful this can be on their overall well-being, self-esteem and outlook on life, therefore in everything we do we are always building our clients up and helping them learn how to feel confident in their own abilities. Even if a client doesn't start out this way, that's ok because we will be their motivational coach until they learn to be on their own.

Accessibility- One of the biggest barriers to receiving valuable services is accessibility; whether it be cost, location, transportation or relatability, we strive to break those barriers. We provide cost effective services, we offer diversity and were mobile, so we bring our services directly to you. We also offer virtual telehealth services, as well.

Creative Expression- Creative expression at any stage of life is important, but it is our belief that it is invaluable during adolescents. Often times teens struggle to know who they are, what they believe in and what they value, creative expression allows for them to discover and explore, authentically and freely. Creative expression is a mirror to our inner worlds. Creativity allows us, either consciously or subconsciously, to work through problems, connect with our true thoughts, and find meaning. 

Our Promise

We are dedicated to you and your goals...that's it! We are goal oriented and focused on the success and self-sufficiency of your teen. We will always communicate with you and will make clinical recommendations based upon their needs. We always strive towards successful discharges and will never prolong care if not clinically necessary. If we are unable to meet their needs, we will say so and make recommendations for alternative support. 


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