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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an artist or artistic to do art therapy?

No art experience is necessary to benefit from art therapy. Your art therapist is highly trained in visual art as well as psychology, and he or she will guide you in the process of creating art using specific types of materials. All you need is a willingness to experiment and explore.

Does art therapy benefit teenagers?

For most adolescents, talk therapy doesn’t work. Discussing feelings may be frightening or uncomfortable. Creative arts therapies—including music and visual art interventions—are proven to be effective for teens. They go beyond words. Furthermore, they go beyond the rational mind, tapping into our most authentic self. According to researcher Shirley Riley, “Adolescents, in particular, are attracted to making symbols and graphic depictions. Therefore, they are more attracted to using art as language than to verbal questioning.”

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

We do offer a sliding scale based upon need. Please contact for additional information.

How long does each therapy session take?

Sessions vary from 50m-90m. Initial sessions are approximately 60m for intake and assessment. We also offer a free 30m phone consultation.

What kind of art will I be making in art therapy?

It depends on your interests as well as the therapeutic benefits of certain types of art for your situation. Art therapy can include a wide range of art materials and processes. Your sessions could potentially include activities such as working with clay, painting, making a mask, creating a visual journal, and assembling a collage. Most often, the focus will be on the process rather than creating a finished art product.

Do I get to keep the artwork that I make in art therapy? Will the art therapist show it to anyone else?

Your artwork is your creation and always belongs to you. Some people choose to keep the finished artwork, while others may decide to leave it in the care of the art therapist. Your art therapist will not show your artwork to anyone without your permission. The code of ethics followed by art therapists specifies that an art therapist must safeguard a client’s art creations the same way he/she would protect any other privileged information.

Do you accept insurance?

There are only approxiamtely 5 insurance companies that offer Art Therapy as a billable service. Currently we are a provider for Sunshine Health. We are currently not a provider for any other insurances. We would happily provide you with a superbill in which you can submit to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement. We encourage you to speak with your insurance provider to find out if they would reimburse you a portion of the cost. We also offer services through Advekit. Please follow the link to check your benefits to see if you qualify.

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