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Coping Skills Resources for Teens

Helping young people learn useful skills to mange daily stress

Does your teen struggle with coping with life stressors? Do they seem to lack basic skills and need support to gain these skills?


We've Got the Tools for You!


We offer a variety of practical tools, such as downloadable coping skills worksheets to help teens control their emotions, improve their thinking patterns, make better decisions, have improved self-control, communicate better and feel better about themselves.

Below are some FREE resources available for download to get you started.

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Coping Skills Resources

Free to Download


Problem Solving Worksheet

The purpose of this worksheet is to discuss the steps to problem solving and to encourage your teen's use when facing a problem.

Decision Making Worksheet

S.O.D.A.S. is a decision making tool that helps teens process their decisions and learn the steps required to make better choices.

Exploring Coping Skills Worksheet

The Exploring Coping Skills worksheet helps your teen to learn the different types of coping skills, and identify healthy coping skills they can begin using today.


Positive Affirmation Worksheet

Positive affirmations serve as reminders and encouragement when we are struggling with difficult emotions or situations.

Relaxation Worksheet

Mandalas are a great tool to contain difficult emotions and create a sense of peace and calmness.

Raising a Teen is Tough, Don't Do it Alone, I Can Help You!

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